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Dear Colleagues!
We invite you to participate in the XL
th Zvenigorod International Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion from Monday 11th to Friday 15th of February 2013, which will take place in the Rest House of the Russian Academy of Sciences located 50 km to the North-West of Moscow in a picturesque place of the Moscow region close to Zvenigorod - one of the oldest towns of Russia. Zvenigorod was founded in 1152 on the high bank of the Moskva-river. At present the population of Zvenigorod is about 15000. This region is known as "Russian Switzerland". In February you will be able to enjoy skiing and mountain skiing in the surroundings of the Rest House.

General Information

Zvenigorod International Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion is an annual meeting which is held in Russia. The main purpose of the conference is to discuss recent achievements in the high and low temperature plasma research, in the area of controlled fusion, in the development of plasma and beam technologies, to identify directions for future research, and to promote close relationship between scientists from different countries.
The Conference is bilingual. Russian and English languages are possible to have a talk.

Conference Scope

The scientific program covers various aspects of plasma physics connecting fundamental research and applications. The conference program will include the following sections:

  • Magnetic confinement of high temperature plasma
  • Inertial fusion
  • Physical processes in low temperature plasma
  • Physical basis for plasma and beam technologies
  • ITER project - step to future power engineering

Invited and Contributed Papers, Publications

The Programming Committee will select speakers to give general lectures, short talks or poster presentations. One page abstract is required to allow the selection. Guidelines for one-page abstracts are given in this announcement. Abstracts will be published in a book of abstracts and will be handed out at the beginning of the Conference. All speakers have an opportunity to publish full texts of their articles in "Plasma Physics Reports" Journal (in English) and in the Russian Journal of Applied Physics (in Russian). Guidelines for full text reports publishing can be found via Web-site www.maik.rssi.ru/cgi-perl/journal.pl?lang=eng&name=plasphys. Authors of selected articles will be informed by the Organizing Committee.

Abstract submission

One-page abstracts (see "Guidelines for one-page abstracts") should be submitted by e-mail as an MS Word attachment to the Scientific Secretary of the Organizing Committee Irina Grishina grishina@fpl.gpi.ru before 15st of November 2012.

Registration and Accommodation Fee

Regular: 650 &euro
Accompanying persons:     350 &euro

The registration fee includes participation in the Conference, one copy of the book of abstracts, a conference dinner as well as full accommodation in single rooms from the evening of February 10 to the afternoon of February 15 with breakfast, lunch and dinner. The fee for accompanying persons includes breakfast, lunch and dinner and accommodation in double rooms, and a conference dinner.
Registration is necessary for everybody who applies for participation in the conference. A filled registration form should be sent by e-mail as an MS Word attachment to Irina Grishina, Scientific secretary of the Organizing Committee (grishina@fpl.gpi.ru) before 10th of November 2012. On-line registration is also available via Web-site http://www.fpl.gpi.ru/Zvenigorod/XL/Zven_XL_e.html. An invoice will be send to all registered participants after abstracts submission.

Events and Conference Excursions

For participants and accompanying persons a conference dinner and an excursion will be offered. Zvenigorod is one of the oldest towns of Russia.The excursion includes visiting the old monastery of Zvenigorod (XVI - XVII centuries).
In February you will be able to enjoy country and mountain skiing in the surroundings of the Rest House. Sport equipment (skis) is available in the Rest House.

Travel information

Details will be given on the web page www.fpl.gpi.ru/Zvenigorod/XL/Zven_XL_e.html and in the 2nd Announcement.


Pre-registration: November, 10, 2012
Abstract submission: November, 25, 2012
Sendingof the invoice and payment:    December, 5, 2012
Second Announcement: December, 20, 2012
Please note! The invoice and the second announcement will be submitted by e-mail to the registered colleagues only.

Correspondence and information


Programming Committee

Kovrizhnykh L.M.(Russia)
Fortov V.E.(Russia)
Shafranov V.D.(Russia)
Aleksandrov A.F.(Russia)
Vorobyev V.S.(Russia)
Gott Yu.V.(Russia)
Grebenschikov S.E.(Russia)
Gusakov E.Z.(Russia)
Gus’kov S.Yu.(Russia)
Ivanov V.A.(Russia)
Kossyi I.A.(Russia)
Krasilnikov A.V.(Russia)
Lebedev Yu.A.(Russia)
Meshcheryakov A.I. (Russia)
Oks E.(USA)
Pastukhov V.P.(Russia)
Rozanov V.B.(Russia)
Rukhadze A.A.(Russia)
Stepanov R.V.(Russia)
Suvorov E.V.(Russia)
Vogel N.(Germany)

Organizing Committee

Lev M. Kovrizhnykh (chairman)
Vyacheslav A. Ivanov (vice-chairman)
Irina A. Grishina (scientific secretary)
Tatiana I. Kamolova
Marina L. Nagaeva
Sergey N. Satunin
Dmitriy G. Vasil'kov
Elena V. Voronova


  • Scientific Council on Plasma Physics, RAS
  • Scientific Council on Physics of Low temperature plasma, RAS
  • Prokhorov General Physics Institute, RAS
  • Institute for High Energy Densities, Joint Institute for High Temperatures, RAS
  • PLASMAIOFAN CO. LTD., Science and Technology Center
  • M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • The Project Center ITER, ROSATOM

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