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Results of Development Activities at JIHT RAS,
which May Be or Are Realized in Practice

  1.  Development of PGU MES-60 at TETs-28 cogeneration plant.
  2.  Mobile complex for lightning resistance testing of electric power plants.
  3.  Technology of retrofitting operational steam-turbine units by using  gas-turbinetoppings with partial oxidation of natural gas.
  4.  Development and making of hydrogen-oxygen steam generators.
  5.  Pilot facility for the production of synthetic fuel (methanol).
  6.  High-voltage source of high-power nanosecond electric pulses.
  7.  High-power radiator of electromagnetic video pulses of subnanosecond duration.
  8.  Material prepared from weakly bound sand-cement mixture for developingexplosion-protection structures.
  9.  Absolute meter of surface roughness.
  10.  Updating of systems of energy supply using renewable sources of energy.
  11. Technology of plasma hardening of materials.
  12.  Plasma cutting of metals of the big thickness.
  13.  Tundish Plasma Heater on a Bloom Caster (continued).
  14.  Recovery of metallurgic equipment and railway frogs by use of plasma spraycoating. Plasma coating of copper.
  15.  Plasma coating technology.
  16.  Actinometric data bases on the distribution of daily average fluxes of solarradiation.
  17.  Technology for cleaning gases and synthesizing ozone involving the use of streamer corona.
  18. Nonconventional efficient steam-turbine units of low power with respect to steam-gas cycles involving the use of conversion machines.
  19.  High-temperature regenerative heat-exchanger.
  20.  Mobile complex for veterinary treatment.
  21.  Technology of plasmothermal processing of waste.
  22.  Commercial Cu laser with generation of second harmonics.
  23.  Short-circuit limiter in electrical networks with a voltage up to 110-220 kV.

The Results of R&D Activities at JIHT RAS,
which Are Ready for Practical Utilization

  1.  Devices for studying the stability of electronic systems to the effect of higho-voltage pulses.
  2.  Solar collectors of a new type.
  3.  Technology of production of solar collectors.
  4.  Power supplies for various electronic devices utilizing air-hydrogen fuel cells and aluminum-water hydrogen generators (power from 2 to 50 W).
  5.  Air-aluminum electrochemical generators.
  6.  Remote-controlled meter of the position of the surface being machined.
  7.  Optical meter of the geometry of ends of cutters and drills.
  8.  Technology for immobilization of industrial and domestic waste.
  9.  Technologies of integrated processing of biomass for preparing pure carbon materials.
  10.  Remote-controlled optical meter of the parameters of nano-sized surface irregularities.
  11. Catalysts for processing natural gas, casing-head petroleum gas, and gas c ondensate to high-octane motor fuel.
  12.  Radiator of high-power electromagnetic video pulses.
  13. Technology of integrated utilization of natural gas with simultaneous generation of electrical power and production of synthetic liquid fuel.
  14. New generation portable sources of current with air-hydrogen fuel cells.
  15.  Facility utilizing gaseous fuel for thermal treatment of foodstuffs with a fluidizedbed thermal chamber of the circulation type.
  16. Mikrotest absolute meter of roughness.
  17. Energy-conservation technologies utilizing supercapacitor systems.
  18. Measuring complex for studying the nanostructure of porous bodies.